My Greatest Degree on Earth

My name’s Matt. My camera and I explored what the Greatest Degree on Earth might look like. I met with brilliant minds, went behind-the-scenes at some of the world's coolest brands and discovered some amazing places to study. Did I mention I visited 5 continents in 12 days?


Here are a few of my highlights.

We had a meeting booked with Rosie Cogill, Senior PR Manager, EMEA at Evernote. We showed up to their office with our suitcases feeling a little frazzled from the early flight. It was a really cool office space with great views over Zurich and floor to ceiling whiteboard walls. It was very modern and open plan with loads of sunlight drenching the space.

Rosie introduced us to Manuel who is the Customer Success Manager, and Pierre, the Marketing Manager. They took me under their wing and showed me what Evernote has been currently working on. They had run a focus group of users to determine what the focus group had loved about their programs, and what they felt needed improvement. They took me through their process of evaluating the results and prioritising some of the feedback.

I was genuinely engrossed in their session and asked a lot of questions. They were very open and willing to share their knowledge and make it a real learning experience. Next they took me into the boardroom to whiteboard their marketing and sales functions and explain in detail how the teams work together.

I had geared myself up for snow in Switzerland, and yet it was sunny and very comfortable temperature!

Our first stop was The Apartment Strategic Communication at 3pm. We were met by Alex and Mauricio who are the directors. They were so warm and inviting and super excited that we had chosen their office to do our filming. Their office was amazing. But they insisted that they needed to spend 5 minutes tidying everything up before we switched on the cameras. Pedro the intern came to talk to us about what he is doing here at The Apartment, he was enjoying it very much working in this creative space. The whole team were on board and excited to be part of our film.

Mauricio agreed he would be our tour guide and will show me through the office and to his desk where he will be interning for the day.

We explored their showroom where they had their fashion department, hospitality department and retail department on display. The room was filled with beautiful designer garments, a display case with bottles of Ruinart champagne and golden skills, and an H&M DJ booth that they were preparing for event next week. We met the social media team, design team and communications team. Everybody was so lovely and friendly and it seemed like a very innovative and fun place to be working. They had great artwork hanging from every wall.

Mauricio told me that they had only been in operation for just over 2 years, and yet they had some major clients on their portfolio including Tag Heuer, InterContinental Hotels, H&M and more. They had grown to a team of 18 pretty quickly and it looks like they have found a formula for success.

I was feeling really inspired and was (almost) ready to hand over my CV and move in. What an awesome team! The whole team joined us in the foyer for an office photo and we said Muchas Gracias and were on our way to our next appointment.

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