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Flexibility to change your direction

APM at Torrens University Australia business courses are designed to accommodate change. So if you wish to switch majors, or would like to accelerate a diploma into a degree, we can help advise you through our study pathway options.

APM study pathways

Design your study program the way you want

As an APM student, you will study both core and specialised subjects throughout your course. Flexible study pathways allow you to change your career direction or specialisation, should you wish, during your time at APM. Many of the core subjects can be used to move between the study areas at APM. If you are studying a bachelor degree, and need to exit the program early, you may also be eligible to graduate with an intermediate qualification.

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What’s the difference between a Bachelor Degree and a Diploma?

You can talk to a Course and Careers Adviser by calling 1300 880 610 (Monday to Friday, 9.00am to 5.30pm AEST) or send your enquiry online now.

APM at Torrens University Australia Bachelor Degrees are Higher Education courses, which means that the emphasis is on knowledge and skill-based approach to learning. All course lecturers are industry experts and experienced educators, while Industry Placement Program and career development components of the degree provide invaluable work experience, helping you to be a cut above the rest to employers. To be eligible for a degree, you need to have completed Year 12 and gained a minimum ATAR of 60 (or the equivalent if you are from another country). You can also apply based on your relevant work experience or previous study.

APM diplomas are Vocational Education (VET) courses, which are shorter in length than bachelor degrees and provide pathways to further study. These programs focus on skill-based approach to learning with more hours dedicated to applied, practical, hands-on learning. APM’s VET courses are based on National Training Packages, which are updated regularly in consultation with relevant industry bodies. They incorporate the same curriculum across all study locations, while internships, lecturers, and a high level of industry consultation help to give you the competitive edge over other VET graduates. To be eligible for a diploma, you need to have completed Year 10 (or the equivalent if you are from another country). You can also apply based on your relevant work experience or previous study.

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Our team of friendly advisers are highly experienced in answering your questions about finding the right course and subjects, and helping you make the right decision about starting or furthering your career. Simply send them your question online or call directly on 1300 880 610 (free call from within Australia).