Study online and on campus

Blended learning is a popular option for many students who are looking to introduce study to their current work schedule. Those who are juggling study with work or family commitments, or simply like the idea of having flexibility, will also find blended learning an optimal choice.

Blended learning means you have the ability to study one or more subjects face-to-face in the classroom when time allows, and then select to study other subjects online if at times the scheduled classes don’t fit into your lifestyle.

Having the choice is what allows you to have the flexibility to design a schedule that suits you. Many students who primarily want the flexibility that online learning allows still choose to study one or more subjects in the classroom to engage more with other students and lecturers. It’s all about finding your perfect balance and preferred learning method.

Blended online and on campus study can be tailored to work around your lifestyle

Those who do opt to study some subjects online will have a dedicated lecturer guiding them through the program with one-on-one feedback on assessments and examinations. Your online lecturers facilitate interactive discussions online which creates a community of learning, inspiration and motivation. So you will never be out of touch with the rest of your cohort. Find out more about the online learning experience.

If you want to know that blended learning is right for you, contact our Course and Careers Adviser for more information. They can help you achieve the optimal balance of face-to-face and online learning to suit your lifestyle.

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