APM Interns add a splash of colour at ISES conference

Two of APMs talented Event Management students recently joined forces with the International Special Events Society (ISES) to help launch a new and exciting event for emerging professionals called “Colour Outside The Lines”.

On Tuesday 22nd October, the International Special Events Society (ISES) launched their Emerging Professionals Event called “Colour Outside The Lines” at The Star Casino in Sydney and was the culmination of six months of collaboration between APM and ISES.

The anticipated event brought students and industry leaders together to network, exchange ideas, take part in hands-on workshops and observe inspirational presentations such as “Launch Your Career” and “Innovation in Events”. The conference attracted more than 180 students from Event Management colleges across Sydney.

Earlier in the year, APM students from a senior Event Management class were invited to pitch a proposal to ISES on their ideas of running the “Colour Outside The Lines” event. The challenge required the eighteen participants to firstly complete a site visit of The Star, prepare a proposal and then pitch to a panel of ISES members. Two successful APM students, Crissha Stadon and Stephanie Pattemore were then selected for an internship with ISES under the expert eye of Glen Lehman of Lehman & Associates and were placed on the organising committee to run the October conference.

Crissha and Stephanie did a great job in taking a lead role to organise a highly professional event. For example, Crissha was the contact point for all speakers in regards to organising presentation slides and ensuring that the technical side of the day went smoothly, which even included a live link to California.

Stephanie was superb in her role of co-ordinating student volunteers from other colleges to run the registration desk. She also organised students to complete other event-related duties such as ushering and catering.

Scott Bellingham, the President of ISES Sydney and the chief organiser of the conference commented that it wouldn’t have happened without the work done by Crissha and Stephanie. Lena Malouf, speaker on the day and co-founder of ISES added “Well done ladies. We were very lucky to have you on board. It was a great day”.