Business Courses

APM offers you a range of fully accredited business courses, diplomas and degrees that can be completed online, on campus in Sydney or Brisbane, or a combination of both. You may select to speed up your business courses' progress in order to graduate quicker by choosing the accelerated study mode. Additionally, you may be eligible to apply for course credits if you have previous work or study experience.

Business and Management Courses

Study APM business courses and develop the latest skills for managing teams, overseeing successful projects, analysing and interpreting business environments and providing effective leadership across an organisation. Business and management courses can also prepare you to start your own business and become an entrepreneur.


Marketing Courses

Study marketing and learn how to analyse the role that marketing plays in the success of contemporary organisations. Examine industry trends, consumer needs and develop business skills to engage and influence, develop brand loyalty and execute strategic campaigns.


Event Management Courses

Study event management and learn how to manage and run large-scale events. Understand everything from event concept and design, to execution and logistics, and post-event analysis. Use your multi-tasking ability, attention to detail and endless creativity to produce unique and successful events in line with client demands.


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