APM is moving up. Teaming up with a University

We are excited to announce that APM College of Business and Communication has become a partner of Torrens University Australia.

Top Business Tips with Maxi and Trent [video]

Attending our Festival of Change event, lifeguards Maxi and Trent have used television and YouTube to spread their message of water safety. Busy developing a number of ventures, we sat down with the boys to discuss their top tips on starting a business.

How to become an Entrepreneur and More with Barbara Turley [video]

One of the talks during Festival of Change was with entrepreneur Barbara Turley, entitled “How to become an Entrepreneur and More with Barbara Turley”. Barbara’s talk was an inspiring insight into starting your own business. She shared that there’s a real beauty in seizing opportunities that frighten most others and how they become the most profitable and successful moments.